We're here to solve your wildlife problems!

We're here to solve your wildlife problems!

Critter Guarding: The key to solving animal-related problems in a structure is securing all potential points of entry leading from the outside to the inside of the building. Trapping alone is not enough; in many cases the smell of the bait used in the traps actually encourages more rodents to enter the structure. Critter guarding costs vary widely from project to project, although entry problems may be similar from house to house. The quantity and overall square footage of material used always differs. Our first step in the process is to schedule an inspection. During the inspection roof areas, attics, interiors, and undersides will be checked for signs of rodent activity. An itemized quote will be prepared and delivered within twenty-four hours.

Trapping Services: Our trained animal trapping technicians service rats, mice, alligators, bats, raccoons, opossums, flying squirrels, gray squirrels, armadillos, snakes, feral cats, hogs, fox, otters, and birds. K&K is happy to trap by the day, week, or month. All traps are monitored and inspected on a daily basis, each and every day.

Organic Pest Control: Pesticide chemicals can be harmful to the environment, wildlife, and your family. K&K Wildlife Services, LLC, offers an eco-friendly option with organic pesticides that are safer, come with a lighter footprint, and effectively keep cockroaches and other pest insects at bay. We offer monthly service.

Cleaning and Insulation Services: K&K Wildlife Services, LLC, offers cleaning services to remove evidence of animal occupation in attics and under buildings. Vacuuming, blowing, and raking out debris, and sanitization can be part of your overall project. We can also remove damaged and soiled insulation, and replace it with new if desired.

Rodent Baiting: Our bait box monitoring service insures that rodents living on your property are kept in control. We offer a monthly monitoring plan that makes your rodent issues go away, rather than worsen over time. However, you should not bait rodents until you are sure your building is secure. This will save you the huge expense of locating and removing dead rodents in your attic and underneath the structure.

Odor Detection: Animals perish in walls, attics, chimneys, and under structures; that's a fact. K&K Wildlife Services specializes in locating and removing the carcasses. We clean up and sanitize the debris; and we repair the entry, handling necessary interior repairs if needed.

Deer Management: K&K offers a quarterly spraying service to control deer damage to bushes, plants, flowers, and other vegetation. Our all natural spray is harmless to people and pets. Our deer deterrent is guaranteed to stop the deer damage.

Educational Instruction: K&K offers lectures to schools, plantation personnel, homeowners, and civic organizations regarding lowcountry local wildlife.